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  • Thai Foot Massage

    30/60/90 min

    7000/11500/15000 tg

    Foot massage with a bamboo stick

    Thai foot massage is a famous massage for feet and lower legs. A massage therapist affects full body by stimulating biologically active (reflexogenic) areas on the legs and feet. A special wood-stick made of beech is used for the foot massage with natural massage oils and balms. The stick allows a deep massage by working on all points on the feet. 


  • Acupressure

    30/60/90 min

    8500/16000/19000 tg

    Talking about what this treatment consists in, we can say that, in general, it is the most common and best affordable method of providing a positive effect on the body and improving its condition. The essence of the massage is in mechanical impact on a particular part of the body that suffers from acute pain.

    First of all, it is a treatment massage that enables recovering the functions of the body, excreting the waste, relaxing pinched nerves, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.


  • Neck-and-Shoulder Massage

    30 min

    7000 tg

    The shoulders (collar zone), arms and upper back are massaged. If you are always tense, suffer from headaches or fluctuating blood pressure, this massage is your best choice.


  • Head, Ear, Facial Massage

    30 min

    7000 tg

    Head, ear, facial massage is great to release tense anxiety after a hard working day. It relaxes tense neck muscles and improves blood circulation. As a result, it facilitates delivery of oxygen to the brain.

    In addition, head massage is good for hair and head skin, as it normalizes sebaceous gland functions and improves hair growth. Through better delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles, head massage prevents hair loss and improves hair appearance.

    Head and ear massage is essential for people with insomnia, intracranial pressure problems and headaches caused by continuous strain. You will feel relief after the very first treatment.


  • Facial Massage + Mask

    30 min

    8000 tg

    Facial massage has numerous wonderful properties!

    Massage makes blood run faster along the subcutaneous capillaries and raises the intensity of metabolism processes. The skin gets more necessary nutrients, it makes collagen and elastin be produced twice faster, makes skin firm, smooths wrinkles, makes muscle tissue strong and cures sagging skin.

  • Facial Massage + Mask + Scrubbing

    30 min

    8500 tg

    Facial massage has numerous wonderful properties!

    Massage makes blood run faster along the subcutaneous capillaries and raises the intensity of metabolism processes. The skin gets more necessary nutrients, it makes collagen and elastin be produced twice faster, makes skin firm, smooths wrinkles, makes muscle tissue strong and cures sagging skin.


  • Hand Massage

    30/60 min

    6000/10000 tg

    Hands are the part of a human body that requires permanent care regardless of what you do. They are constantly exposed to various negative environments of different intensity.

    Hand massage has a positive effect on how the hand skin looks, how mobile joints and how elastic tissues are. It also prevents salts from depositing and helps control some diseases, e.g. arthritis. This treatment activates nail growth and contributes to adjustment of full body functioning.


  • Aroma Massage

    60/90/120 min

    17000/20000/23000 tg

    Aromatherapy improves blood circulation and accelerates metabolism. Moreover, such aromatic treatment protects the body from early aging, smooths out wrinkles, recovers joint mobility, relieves muscle pain, numb feeling and excess strain.

    In spite of tenderer and milder action of aroma massage on human body compared to classical massage, this type of massage is quite effective.

    The massage is an essential element of aromatherapy. It combines the benefits from massage treatment and medicinal effect of aromatic substances and has a positive effect on full body and psychoemotional state.

    Essential oils are introduced into the skin by special massage techniques; they are further absorbed into the lymph and blood circulation, spread around full body and achieve their true purpose, i.e. they bring mind and body to absolute harmony. The secret of such treatment is the fact that essential oils facilitate faster warming up of muscles and skin, and particular scents make a person keep calm and relax.


  • Traditional Thai Massage

    60/90/120 min

    12000/15000/18000 tg

    Traditional Thai massage results in both deep relaxation and natural energy boost. It also improves significantly the blood vessel tone and joint mobility. You should choose the option based on your physical fitness. We recommend beginning with Level 1. 


  • «Stone Therapy»

    60/90 min

    20000/25000 tg

    Massage with hot stones

    Stone therapy is a unique massage technique based on contrasting temperatures that affect the thermoregulation, nervous, endocrine, immune and cardiovascular systems of the body. Massage with hot stones is a great method of relaxing muscles and accelerating metabolism. Such massage results in vasodilatation, better blood circulation, and improved metabolism. You will experience the serenity of mind after the treatment. On the contrary, massage with cold stones results in constriction of vessels and skin capillaries (in combination with hot stones), treats venous stasis. The treatment increases muscle tone; the tissues get more oxygen.


  • «Royal Massage»

    60/90 min

    22000/30000 tg

    Four-hands massage

    Aroma massage given by two massage therapists. This massage is aimed at achieving the balance of mind and body, increasing energy inflow, total body tone. It is also recommended in case of a sedentary and couch-potato lifestyle to improve performance and mental speed and in case of chronic fatigue and stressed state.


  • «Herbal»

    90/120 min

    22000/27000 tg

    The massage with herbal bags is a variant of Thai massage. This massage uses unique methods, because it includes aromatherapy, acupuncture, yoga, and warming of biologically active points.

    This type of massage is similar to acupressure, however, it is given with no use of hands or fingers. The bags made of natural materials filled with healing herbal mixes are used instead; they are warmed up or cooled down to certain temperatures before the treatment.

    Similarly to other variants of Thai massage, the massage with herbal bags has a relaxation effect on the human body and helps to relieve psychoemotional stress, muscular and energetic blocks, cures certain diseases.


  • Anti-Cellulite Massage

    60 min

    19000 tg

    Weight-loss massage

    We recommend a course of 10 sessions

    The massage focusing on the cellulitis-exposed areas works on different levels. First, it improves blood circulation and softens fatty areas. Then the massage focuses on the lymphatic system. It breaks up fatty deposits and removes collected liquid.

    Finally, anti-cellulite massage removes toxins and salts from between the tissues of the body. Regular targeted massage of cellulitis-exposed areas will finally reduce the orange-peel look.


  • Back Massage

    30 min

    8000/12000 tg

    This type of massage is the most popular with people who have a sedentary lifestyle. The methods of Thai back massage allows waking, opening and ensuring free energy flow along two channels along the spine and along two channels diverging to the sides.


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