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Foot Treatment

  • Herbal Foot

    30/60 min

    8000/14000 tg

  • Foot Massage

    30/60/90 min

    7000/11500/15000 tg


    Thai foot massage is a famous massage for feet and lower legs. A massage therapist affects full body by stimulating biologically active (reflexogenic) areas on the legs and feet. A special wood-stick made of beech is used for the foot massage with natural massage oils and balms. The stick allows a deep massage by working on all points on the feet. 


  • Thai Foot Massage

    30/60/90 min

    7000/11500/15000 tg


    The unique combination of the power Thai foot massage and acupressure techniques activates the functions of internal organs and body defenses. A foot is an area of concentration of meridians interrelated with the whole body functioning. An experienced massage therapist will involve “blocked channels” during the treatment to open new sources of energy to adjust the functions of full body. Foot massage relieves stress and fatigue, improves blood circulation.

  • Foot Scrubbing

    10 min

    2000 tg

    Cleansing of foot skin is an essential and primary function of foot scrubbing. However, it is not the only benefit of this treatment.

    » Tonic foot massage. By affecting the skin, the abrasive particles give soft massage while boosting your spirits and relieving fatigue.

    » Eliminating excessive sweating and odor nuisance. Multiple components of the foot scrub have an antibacterial and refreshing action.


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