Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage: Specific Features and Details

Based on the doctrine of invisible energy lines threading the entire body, Thai massage has a history of many centuries absorbing the origin sources of Chinese folk medicine and Indian yoga. It uses the acupressure points on such lines and can relieve various pains. We should first mention that traditional Thai massage has nothing in common with intimate services. The true art of Thai massage is a system of how to influence the body implying a contact on the energy level and leading to inner harmony, which is, in turn, an essential component of a happy and harmonious life, which is so difficult to have in the modern world.

Effects and Contraindications

The main results of traditional Thai massage can be felt on a spiritual level. In some events, Thai massage delivers much better results than ordinary massage (remember how long the Chinese and Japanese women stay young – they look just like young girls until their old age). Thai massage recovers the inner balance, relieves bodily tension and tight muscles, harmonizes nervous system, increases body tone, improves self-confidence and performance, and revive spirits. Thai massage launches the programs of natural recovery of the body by adjusting its energy vibes.

However, with all its undeniable advantages, Thai massage is not a panacea. It should be used carefully in those who have high blood pressure or heart problems. It is also recommended to avoid massage in case of pregnancy, osteoporosis, fractures, significant shifts of spinal discs, and cancer. Massage is not given in case of contagious skin diseases. If a person has varicose veins, a recent fracture, artificial bones or shafts, such areas are avoided. Massage is given in a gentle way with some restrictions in case of arthritis or breathing disorders. Thai massage is not given in case of fever, alcoholic intoxication or on a full stomach.

Thai massage is one of the outstanding elements of oriental medicine and a signature of Thailand and, of course, of Chaba Spa.


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