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  • Hamam

    20 min

    5000 tg

  • Finnish sauna

    15-20 min

    5000 tg

  • Phyto-Barrel

    15-20 min

    5000 tg

    A steam barrel is efficient in treating the body and improving health.

    It is quite effective to treat a chronic fatigue syndrome. The steam covering your body is literally saturated with medicinal herbs; your muscles, which got tensed during the working day, relax and rest. In addition to hypertension, sexual dysfunctions, chronic fatigue, diathesis and obesity, the strong effect of the cedar phyto-sauna on the body cells helps people to overcome even cancers. It is very important to protect yourself and your relatives from colds during the flu season. It is not flu, but its potential consequences that are quite hazardous; they can be avoided through the action of a cedar barrel.

    A steam barrel has a positive effect on humans. Cedar is believed to be a pharmaceutical tree. Cedar wood produces phytoncides that kill and suppress the growth and development of nuisance microorganisms.


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